Pokémon Theme

Children Animation 1 

  • Color marker

  • Pencil sketching

  • Watercolor painting

  • Flip-book

  • Mix-media clay

  • Acrylic painting

  • Stop motion video making

Welcome to Fox and Unicorn Arts

FNU Arts is the best Art Studio for the creative minds. Come relax and unwind in a place made for artists, by artists. Here at FNU Arts we embrace artistic imagination creatively and professionally. At FNU Arts we offer various programs to cater to different needs of our participants, from fun parties, explorative art studio times to skill trainings on a more professional level. FNU Arts also provides professional art portfolio building and review services to students, who wish to pursue their artistic vision at a higher education level in school in the future. FNU Arts endeavors to create a fun and engaging environment for our students to explore and navigate the realm of art through their own creative lens. 

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